V8 Supercar Championship Series: Get The Party Started

P!nk is the ambassador for V8 Supercars Australia from 2010 until 2013. With a crew of more than 150 personnel there were impressive credentials across every department. Sound Recordist, David Lee, won an Academy Award for his work on The Matrix, the Special Effects were done by the team who brought us The Matrix, and Stunt Co-ordinator, Harry Dakonalis, worked on both Mao's Last Dancer and The Matrix. Wardrobe was directed by Eliza Goodman who has Australia and Moulin Rouge amongst her credits, Set Design was co-ordinated by Martin Oneil, of Mad Max fame, and Hair & Make-up was done by make-up artist to the stars, Rae Morris who P!nk has since flown to LA to work with her on other projects.

Advertising Agency: GPY&R Sydney, Australia
Writer: Tim Arrowsmith
Art Director: Dean Mortensen
Production House: Radical
Special Effects: Fuel
Director: Dave Meyers
Sound: David Lee
Wardrobe: Eliza Goodman
Set Design: Martin O’Neil
Media Agency: Mitchells


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o k ..


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my thoughts exactly

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Don't really like it. Looks a mix between a video clip / transformers trailer, and in the end i don't really get the point of doing all of it to show the final message. Good visual work tho

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agree... seems like michael bay made this.


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What, is Pink Tank Girl now?

What a whole load of nothing...

Let's not make a crap ad, let's make an expensive crap ad...

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thats exactly it.

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Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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That's a big truck!

"Bright ideas bring better results"

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Nice way of holding this carrot.. Lame, very lame. Why not use what they call a "roller"? (for the ones who don't know, it is the name beer sellers give to a drunk spectator rolling down the seats in a Nascar race)

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the transforming car animation is nice!
don't like the video, celebrity concept..

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the transforming car animation is nice!
don't like the video, celebrity concept..

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