United Airlines: Sea Orchestra

Advertising Agency: Barrie D'Rozario Murphy
ECD(s): Bob Barrie, Stuart D'Rozario
Art Director: James Zucco
Copywriter: Phil Calvit
Producer(s): Holly Stone, Jack Steinmann
Prod Company: DUCK
Director: Ree Treweek & Jannes Hendrikz of SHY THE SUN
Producer: Nina Pfeiffer
EP: Mark Medernach
Compositor: Jannes Hendrikz
Illustrator: Ree Treweek
Illustration Assistant: Carmen Ziervogel
3D Animator(s): Claudio Pavan, Arri Reschke (Lung)
Storyboarding: Graeme Cowie
Music Arrangement: Trivers & Myers
Sound Design/Mix: Ken Chastain, Pixel Farm
Aired: Olympics 2008


miko1aj's picture
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I like it very much. It has astonishing look and quite nice, maybe not mind-blowing, yet witty idea. We're living in the times of illustration renaissance. It could be boring, but in this case it works perfectly with marine climate.

gerritbasson@yahoo.com's picture
6 pencils

Nice style. Same guys who did this.

BostonBob's picture
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According to Bob Garfield, this sucks.

Therefore, I love it.

(Plus, it's really good.)

Hi, Stuart, you magnificent bastard.


sneakyhands's picture
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i'm surprised he didn't condemn it as offensive to marine life. i like it too.

in the event of a water landing, the lobstro will call intermission two hours into the performance.

Kateter's picture
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Garfield... well, when 'Just do it' slogan was first presented he said it's nothing special and that it wouldn't make a significant impact.

mark3r's picture
1948 pencils

I saw this Ad on TV and couldn't look away... this is an excellent piece of ART.


kgeiger's picture
7183 pencils

Very much a work of ART.
I like it, but without the VO at the end making sense of it all it would simply remain ART.
But I do like it. Really.

floydeepurple's picture
349 pencils

Stunning execution. Deserves a standing ovation.

jambaj0e's picture
12 pencils

Saw it during the Beijing Olympics. Love the art and execution. Actually, the ads I liked most during the Olympics were the United Airlines and GE commercials.

Wordnerd's picture
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Beautiful film. but for united airlines? whaa?

iT-iS-i's picture
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Cool art, can't say the same for the idea though.

Bath yourself in gold-dust then i'll believe you're filthy rich.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

OMaxweller's picture
79 pencils

This execution is unbelievable. I love seeing where illustration is going... much more sophisticated. I was so captivated I didn't even care what they were advertising. However, I think the copy brings it back to the product. Very campaignable. However, a little amusing. Is life more exciting outside of American Airlines?! Of course, it is.

DennisH's picture
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Awesome art, but in my point of view... waaayy to arty for an airline company!

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