Unicef: Save the AIDS victims

Advertising Agency: Forsman&Bodenfors, Sweden
Art Director: Silla Levin
Copywriters: Jacob Nelson, Robert Lund
Photographer: Victor Davidsson
Directors: Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein
Production Company: Camp David, Stockholm, Sweden
Aired: November 2007


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1675 pencils

wow, hits hard

... its already been done...

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simple truth. Good ad.

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Impressive. Quite a new way to communicate such a cause.

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deacon -54-
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Made my skin crawl damn good stuff.

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defiantly said "Oh Wo!" at the end.

Nice job.

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Very good. Grabbed my attention, and a definite, "Oh!" at the end.

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outstanding, just the real world and sadly the truth. good piece of communication

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in the painting,,,thats call realism
ood realism

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Deepty Arora
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Superb...Hits hard.

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i got the goose bumps too. only one small comment, given the fact it's for ethiopia children, maybe showing a bit more of them and mapping their lives to the scenes in the first part could add to the impact of the idea. still a great piece of work though. well done.

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I think the idea is to place the viewer's sentiment in the movie to grasp their attention to the drama of the "fictional" situation. The ending counterpoint is even stronger because the reality is, it is not happening at home but in a place foreign the viewer has ignored or avoided for too long.


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shah alam alo
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i went this ad

shah alam alo

senior visualizer
GREY Dhaka Advertising

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Dusan Zica
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great ad!

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very strong ad! now i feel sad for Ethiopia and willing to help..

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Muneer Bhatti
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very nice ad! i feel sad for Ethiopia.

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