Celebrity Tap - Rihanna

April 2011
Advertising Agency: Droga5, New York, USA
Agency Producer: Misha Louy
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Executive Creative Directors: Ted Royer, Nik Studzinski
Creative Director: Neil Heymann
Art Director: Jon Kubik
Copywriter: Adam Noel
Creatives: Isaac Silvergate, Jeff Anderson
Interactive Designer: Chris Schwartz
Head of Integrated Production: Sally-Ann Dale
Executive Producer, Broadcast: Misha Louy
Executive Producer, Interactive: Andrew Allen
Executive Producer, Art: Cliff Lewis
Interactive Producer: Jason Curtis
Art Producer: Mea Cole Tefka
Editorial Company: Cutting Room / New York
Editor: Debbie McMurtrey
Assistant Editor: Rhys Hecox
Editorial Producer / EP: Melissa Lubin
Postproduction company: Light of Day / New York
Online: Josh Williams
Color: Blase Theodore
Sound Mixing: Cutting Room / New York
Mixer: Walter Bianco
Bird Animation: Light of Day / New York
Original Artwork: Harlie Brindak
Production company: Uber Content, Bicoastal
Director: Amir Farhang
Producer: Pat Harris
DP: Florian Stadler
EPs: Preston Lee, Phyllis Koenig
Production Company: Hungry Man, Bicoastal
Director: Wayne Mcclammy
DP: Aaron Platt
Line Producer: Nathan Young
EP / Managing Partner: Kevin Byrne
EP: Cindy Becker

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kleenex's picture
Activity Score 44045

What a waste.

atb2005's picture
Activity Score 13557

Per UNICEF Celebrity Tap website, "Celebrities have donated their own tap water to help raise awareness of the world water crisis. Donations enter individuals in our sweepstakes to win an esteemed collection of these famous tap waters." In other words, fans who donate money to the cause will get the chance to win a ..... bottle of water filled from taps at the stars' homes.

Are you serious, Droga5?? This is ridiculously stupid.

shawnbarrytoronto's picture
Activity Score 30

Chic, for the sake of chic. Maybe it takes something weird to move people to action. Hard to call it a loser right out of the gate - would be interesting to see if there's a lift in awareness and support. I could likely find 20,000 screaming girls who'd go nuts for a bottle of water from Justin Bieber's tap.

atb2005's picture
Activity Score 13557

Or Lady Gaga's tap? :)

sirvan's picture
Activity Score 29860

The original TP was genius. This is not.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

rakel's picture
Activity Score 250

not.... also, at "0,5 she looks at other direction then camera? and, still, what? not!

bakamono's picture
Activity Score 1002

Maybe if I drink some of that water I will understand this.

because therefore it is

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 44045

What a waste.