Toyota RAV4: Mountain

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, NY,USA
CD: Neal Foard
ACD/AD: Frank Fusco
ACD/Copywriter: Tim Leake
Copywriter: Katie Jensen
Agency Producer: David Gerard
Prod Company: Uncle, Santa Monica
Director: Gavin Bowden
EP: Beth Pearson
Producer: Mark Conley

Post/Effects: rhinofx, NY
CD/VFX Director: Vico Sharabani
VFX Supervisor(s): Kathy Siegal, James McEwen
Lead Flame Artist: Brad Scott
Flame Artist: Ricky Weisman
Managing Director: Rick Wagonheim
VP of Production: Camille Geier
Producer: Linda Gallagher

Editorial: Blue Rock, NY
Editor: Aaron Dunkel
Assistant Editor: Bryan Andes
Producer: Jesse Schwartz

Telecine: The Syndicate
Colorist: Marshall Plant


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7230 pencils

Look! It can drive on flat surfaces!

djakuza's picture
517 pencils

and sorry but the song is extremly gay!

Alistair C.'s picture
Alistair C.
692 pencils


Brainsugar's picture
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Oh What a surprise! A SUV than can go in the city AND in the landscape!! Waoh!

Boring strategy gives boring films.

dbrown6986's picture
56 pencils

This seriously feels like an SNL skit ripping on SUV commercials.

Wordnerd's picture
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actually "first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain" COULD have made a cool idea. or didn't i just see it? doesn't matter: booo!

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Is this site shortlisting ads on the basis of how much money was spent on making them? This one is truly trite and would have been boring even in the 50s

Zu's picture
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Look at the arrow MOVING FORWARD! - well... rav is moving the oposit direction. :/

Inverted's picture
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The dumbest thing about it is the moronic little guy touching his head and making a *pling* sound at the end... Looks and sounds like a commercial for kids.

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