Toyota: Rather clever


September 2008


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interesting angle. the car for people who don't drive everywhere. well if you put it that way, the vehicle sounds flimsy. definitely fresh positioning.

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this confuses the hell out of me...
is it a social campaign? or maybe they are trying to tell you to buy a car and then keep it parked in front of your home while you walk around on foot or use the public transport?

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Yep. You don't get it if you really don't want to get it.
This is a brand that want to sell cars to bright people who use their car in a clever. way.
That's what I understand, and I find it gutsy as hell ! I never saw such an ad for a car brand.
This is really fresh and new.

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Rafael Lago
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You must be very confident for that. Great brand positioning. Congratulations guys! And congratulations to the client!

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I was kinda expecting him not to drive the car... too much foreshadowing perhaps?

Good brand image. They're not selling the car, but rather, Toyota's future vision.

The ad itself isn't that interesting though, could've shorten it as not much has happened. I dunno if the tree revealed when the camera zooms out was intended, because it's another foreshadowing of Toyota's green image.

P.S. are cars normally not locked in Canada? Because in South Africa even if your car is parked outside overnight, locked, it may still be jacked :P

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Yes..cars are usually locked in Canada. Are you inquiring because it looked like he never locked the car when he walked away? I think that he did turn around to motion back with his car keys. Maybe the "beep beep" wasn't heard.

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was this advertisement aired?
if yes, when?

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