Toyota: Invisible

With countless boring cars on the road, it can sometimes feel like everything just blends into the background. But with Rukus by Toyota, this is never the case. Thanks to its sharp angles and head-turning looks Rukus always stands out, as demonstrated in this spot by Oddfellows, Sydney.

Advertising Agency: Oddfellows, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Wayne Maloney
Art Director: George Bassiakos
Copywriter: George Organ
CGI / Post-Production: Rotor Studios
Director: Scott Bradley
DoP: Garry Phillips
Agency Producer: Carolyn Thomas
Group Account Director: James Trebilcock

March 2011


Temple's picture
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A car that makes the others invisible. Nothing fresh.

Side note: is this Rukus ugly!

CuriousPencil's picture
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On principle, I want to rate this on the effectiveness of the idea, and I like the idea, and the way it's carried across. But even the actor hates the car; at 0:19 in, witness the face of a man going "shit, it hasn't been stolen. Again."

It's an ugly product, and the idea of invisibility was always going to be risky. The tagline "don't blend in" certainly works, but for entirely the wrong reason.

"A car so ugly it makes others hide" would've been a bit more honest, donchya think?

miko1aj's picture
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I prefer: "others look like toys" by Peugeot, but this is quite okay.

JeffP's picture
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That's one ugly step child of a car

Glut's picture
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Peugeot toy cars is much better. Next

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