Toyota Auris HSD: The cleanest test drive ever

Toyota Auris Hybrid Augmented Reality. The cleanest test drive ever.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Düsseldorf, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Stephan Zilges
Creative Directors: Michael Lorscheider, Martin van den Hoogen, Marco Obermann
Art Directors: Björn Brzeske, Frank Olma, Concetta Milione
Copywriter: Martin Cornet, Juliane Blersch
Animation: North Kingdom Account: Mathias Kossmann, Sandra Lipinski
Programming: Sebastian Staats, Roman Hippler, Anthony Collins, David Ochmann, Christoph van Daele


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boooooooooooring! what a waste of time... go to work!!

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a brilliant waste of time :)

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When they said they didnt have cars for the potential consumers to take a test drive, I already knew they would use AR.

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And printing out lots of paper for the QR pieces isn't harmful to the environment either???

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We could replace the model for any other car in the same category and there would be no difference in communication. It would have worked better if the benefit of the car was its small size - could have been done many interesting things with the objects of a desk.

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When a brand doesn't have anything new, it's not worth repeating. Having AR is not a necessity.

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I tried it, it's fun!!!

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No, way too complicated. Great for the agency's ego, but I doubt that anyone actually bothered to do all the required stuff just to test drive a computerised car. Idea is interesting, but far from bang-on.

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Good Fun!

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Good Fun!!

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Great fun !

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Great idea!

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nice =)

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Definitely the most elaborate AR application for a car manufacturer I've seen so far. While it is not the easiest to use I enjoyed playing with it once I got the hang of it. I always thought it was rubbish to advertise a car with AR when all you could do was twist and turn the marker and see the product from all sides instead of watching the car in action - you simply lose the aspect of mobility with that. In this case, however, the car actually drives around depending on how you lay out the track and it's quite nice to find out how the different things interact. Certainly kept me amused for a couple of minutes.

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Does really AR works you think?

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I don't think how its still successful with so sluggish campaign. There may be some other contributing factors its success.

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