Tony Tango: Hot Steps Presents, How to Tango

Learn how to dance salsa, merengue and tango in this sexy dancing lesson. Sexcellent.


Tony Tango is an independent comedy feature film that follows Tony Tango, a Latin dance instructor from Miami with high cholesterol and an even higher belief in his own sex appeal, is a big fish in the small pond of his elderly dancing students. But when his family's dance studio is in danger of falling into the hands of his archenemy, the cocky religious zealot Diego, he's got to compete against the big boys in a high-stakes competition. To do that, he'll need the help of his coach Sam, a disgraced former dancing legend, and his partner, the sweet but high strung Helena, who is infuriated at Tony after his dance lesson with her grandmother went devastatingly awry. Just 3 days we launched our new marketing campaign that it is specifically designed to create an online awareness of Tony Tango, and introduce to the online community to Tony. The campaign revolves around the Tony Tango Fan Page, there you will find 3 very "unique" dance lessons, Salsa, Tango and Merengue. In less than 2 minutes you will be a dance god, thanks to these "unique" video dance lessons. Also once you become a fan on the page, you can get access to 3 additional videos call the "Hip Tip", here you will learn other aspects that will help you become a well rounded dancer.

Advertising Agency: 1337 Productions, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Creative Directors: Andres De Oliveira, Maxx Maulion
Art Director: Andres De Oliveira
Copywriter / Illustrator: 1337 Productions
Photographer: Jonathan Lawrence
Director: Manolo Celi

August 2011


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is this a gay academy? or just two women rubbing each other always sells?

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il nekro
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This SUCKS huge. You people know nothing about tango, clearly.

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