Tokyo Designer's Week, Made in Japain: The True History of Spanish Design, Part 1

JAPAIN is the meeting point between two cultures –– Japan and Spain –– in a fantastic past when both shared history. Hence the common passion for stringed instruments, flowers, color red, the language of fans. More than just an exhibition, “Made in Japain” is an itinerary throughout a fantastic country that the visitor will experience for some minutes and always remember. A fantastic fond story, so implausible that seems to be true, that is gathered in the official catalogue in the shape of a comic illustrated by Paco Roca, National Comic Award and Alfredo Llorens, collaborating sculptor in Lladro. “Made in Japain, the true story of Spanish design” will guide the visitor throughout the exhibition of the Spanish designers. Welcome to Japain!

Advertising Agency: Culdesac, Spain
Narrator: Eugenio Viñas
Illustrator: Paco Roca
Sculptor: Alfredo Llorens
Animation: Vicent Mallols
Original soundtrack: Jordi Sempere
Social networks management: Dani Alias


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Jaap Grolleman
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I didn't really had the feeling that I was looking at an ad. And I mean that positive, very positive =)

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Cesar Hector
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Absolutly agree here, I love when I'm entertained by the ad and also get the great feeling that I'm not watching an ad at all. It took my breath away.

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Nice story, but I still have no idea what the advertised product offers.

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It's advertising tan exhibition on the best Spanish Design during the Tokyo Designer's Week... Japanese and Spanish cultures look just opposite, so this is an amazing way to attract the Japanese audience!

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