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Agency: The one centre


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Old Models
30 second TVC

Advertising Agency: The One Centre
Creative Director : Phil Shearer
Copywriter: Phil Shearer
Art Director: Dave Henderson

Production Company: DOLL
Producer: Nick Simkins and Jacquie Riley
Director: Ben West
Cameraman: D.O.P. Gary Philips
Music Production Company: Flotation Records

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What is the point of this TV commercial.. I don't understand why they are attacking old model what they wont them to do sit at home and wait to die.. As long as the clients how use them still OK with it so let it be + there is a lots of thing you need old models for it... So I don't know if somebody will agree with me or if I understand it right..

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It's not about the models at all. It's about advertising or marketing models. It's a play on words. It's not meant to be understood by the general public. It's made for the marketing professional in mind.

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Thanx Ivan... so what do you think of it ?

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I think it is smart and funny.

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doesn't work for me. for the play on words to work, the line 'old models don't cut it anymore' would have to make sense literally as well as metaphorically. and it does not. old models never cut it in reality, so the metaphor falls flat for me. i'll give the ad credit for being visually arresting however.

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