The Ultimate act of Irony

Advertising Agency: Kettu Productions, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative directors: Jon Vall
Art Director: Jon Vall
Copywriter: Barry Smith
Editor: Lovisa Mellin
Director: Barry Smith

November 2007


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Is the sound switched off on this? What's up?

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Forget that I said anything... as soon as I posted and the page refreshed, the sound started working! Just to make a fool of me. Anyway, about the add - I don't hold anything as sacred so I don't mind it, I know plenty that won't though. The script could have been a lot funnier too. I mean if you're going to take the piss out of Poland and Belgium, you may as well go - no holds barred, right?

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It's not matter of sacredness, but a matter of taste. I personally do not find anything funny in this. I know it's being cool nowadays to make fun out of anything and do not have any taboos (which is extreme stupidity imho btw) but this here is crappy thing. This is extremely embarrasing when you see people trying hard to create something controversial. The only reason for this is that they have nothing interesting to say.

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That's Shit!

(and do you sense my irony?)

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Very funny indeed!
I'm Dutch, so I hate Belgium, but love the idea.
It's very english humor. But I don't think sheep are disgusting.

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I'm Belgian, but that doesn't make me hate the Dutch... except for you then, Peppermintiti... you racist son of a...

writingskills that kill

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Oh come on now....It was a joke. Tada! Why bother at all going to an Ads site if you haven't got a sense of humor?

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Don Draper
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Now THAT wasn't very good at all, was it?

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kyoku connor
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That was cheeky, nice. Close to the borders where humor can go, but for me still inside. The world will become a very dark place if we can"t laugh about things.

-pop goes the measle-

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