The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health: Aids awareness, No action without protection


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good idea

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It used to be "no glove, no love" Beautiful bodies in this one.
By "no action" do they mean no one gets hurt? Because all the poeple are active in their sport, they just don't get hurt, and they aren't wearing their gear, so I don't quite get it.

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well shot..but the line doesnt pay off properly :/..only more comprehensive when more literal on prints, however the don't feel as beautiful as the TVC tho.

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That is shite. Excellent use of tits though.

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The idea could have been used differently. Something like: you are wearing an equipment when you play hockey but you don't even use a condom. You are affaraid to break your arm but not yourlife. Something like that

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Those knees were awfully close to the ground. Yikes


Doin' it for the points

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Pristine idea and execution.
That clunky line let's it down, for me.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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J. P. Schilling

Simply brilliant!

It had me going in so many different directions--

Except the one that matters the most...the tagline!

Braavvvvoooo! Braavvvvoo! Bravvo! Bravo! [Can you hear the Academy?]

How can I get a copy?

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