The Norwegian associaton of the Blind: Changing

Advertising Agency: Try, Oslo, Norway
Art Director: Karin Lund
Copywriter: Øystein Halvorsen
Production Company: Paradox
Director: Arild Frölich
Producer: Beate Tangre
Director of Photography: Askild Viik
Post Production: Hocus Focus
Editor / Editing House: Hocus Focus
Sound: Hocus Focus

February 2011


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It is demeaning to the blind! Please understand that!

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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i'm not the blind,
i can imagine if i would blind i'd like to be treated as much normal as it could be.
Being ironic and self-distanced is part of a normal treat.

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Well it's not like they'll see this ad..

Brainsugar's picture
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ahahahahahahahah!!!!.... (sorry...)

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I don't get it. Why is it demeaning? It is telling the truth - the blind can't see! Other than it being a mediocre ad, it wasn't poking fun at the blind, nor insulting their ability to fit into society. Please, they're just as human and able as the rest of us, so stop treating them like they're so fragile and unable to fend for themselves. They don't need pity or someone to fight for them. They just need people to stop treating them like they're invalids!

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Frankly, I think it's great. You can run a million commercials saying "the blind are just like the sighted", but that's just not true. This commercial is being bold enough to say "they are different, and in some ways better". That's a much more realistic statement. They were very deliberate in portraying a well groomed, well dressed worker who is very attentive and, based on the praise being delivered by his boss, very effective. I give them a lot of credit for taking this approach.

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I couldn't agree more.
Coll stuff - this is

Lazarus's picture
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On the fence on this one. A bit too easy, but for the wrong reasons.

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mmmmm this one has nothing to do with the other one!

mdb1974's picture
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Showing blind people as productive employees is great. Focusing on novel and useless "attributes" such as this campaign does (two of the ads are the same idea) does not strike me as compelling. The only thing this campaign may accomplish would be to bring attention to the issue, the messaging is really quite impotent.

Kotoha Tanaka's picture
Kotoha Tanaka
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I like it.
Because it's not too serious and
treat the blind worker as normal person,
rather more delligent than his boss.

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Hammad S
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I like the idea very much! You can understand the point easily.

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