The Los Angeles Dodgers: Kiss

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam Brands, Irvine, USA
Executive Creative Director: Anthony DiBiase
Creative Director: Craig Evans
Associate Creative Director: Chris DeNinno
Art Director: Jason Campos
Copywriter: Ben Peters, Ronnie Lee
Director: Michael Chaves
Production Company: Bounce
Published: May 2007


nycCreative's picture
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um, let me see here, no...i could see people chuckling at this, but in reality it's a spot that would be forgoten in like 2 minutes after viewing it...

Ang's picture

the only thing nice about this is how the CLS takes off.

laserbeak's picture
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Actually, I think this works pretty well. Only LA would have a baseball fan like this woman. And it would definitely get my attention.

Ad_Lizard's picture
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Local commercial for a cerain audience. If I liked the Dodgers, I'd think it was great. I know people like that crazy over certain team players.

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