The Home Depot: Paint

Rediscover the passion for your home.

Advertising Agency: The Vidal Partnership, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Mauricio Galvan, Marcelino Sellas, Aaron Alamo
Art Director: Alvaro Ramos
Copywriter: Santiago Uribe
Agency Producer: Jay Rivera
Production Company: Postal Films
Director: Norman Christianson
Post Production: Crew Cuts
Editor: Gabriel De La Mora
Published: March 2010


limb's picture
16 pencils

... really?

Mickrock's picture
53 pencils

Things always look better shot in high speed...
The actual physical work takes much, much, much longer.
Home Depot gets a lot of my money. And I hate them for it.
There is nothing romantic about slivers, bashed thumbs, cuts, scrapes, and the inevitable trip back to Home Depot.

Wonder how much they paid the stunt-hummingbird... don't tell me it was CG.

mark3r's picture
1945 pencils

No meaning to this, just some nice random footage in slowmo...


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