The Fund for Reconciliation: 2 boys

Salles / Lobo

Group, Patrizia Fanganiello / Lobo

Executive Creative Director: Eitan Chitayat
Copywriter: Eitan Chitayat, Shelley Hermon, Brad Mislow
Art Director: Manuel Dischinger / Lobo
Production Companies: Lobo, Birdo Studio, The Ebeling Group
Directors: João Tenorio / Lobo, Coi Belluzzo / Lobo
Creative Directors: Mateus de Paula Santos / Lobo
EPs: Mick Ebeling / The Ebeling Group, Alberto Lopes / Lobo, Sergio
Producers: Shelley Hermon / Firefly Pictures), Sue Lee / The Ebeling
Line Producer: Davis Fabri / Lobo
Israel Casting Director: Nitsana Bellehsen
Brazil Casting Director: Daniel Ortega
Voice Directors: Nitsana Bellehsen, Adi Topol
English Boys Voice Overs: Moti Rosenzweig, Zaki Hinnawi
Hebrew / Arabic Boys Voice Overs: Hadi Josef, Lear Issa
Hebrew / Arabic Boys Voice Overs: Michel Joelsas, Gabriel Fayad
Music: Wicked Music
Composers: Vico Sharabani, Daniel Freedman, Omer Avital
Sound Recording & Mixing: Sweet Sound, Lobo
Mixers: Uri Kalian, Raw Audio, Roberio Barbosa
Footage: Highlight Films, Firefly Pictures
Editors: João Tenorio, Vinicius Martins, Shelley Hermon, Sari Ezouz
Compositing: João Tenorio

March 2012


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I like this. I think it hits a good note. And I think setting it in the future is a good strategy.

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me too, the style of the animation was really good.

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eitan chitayat
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eitan chitayat
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eitan chitayat
9 pencils

thanks guys. appreciate it. here's to peace. here's the 'Behind the Scenes' of if you care to take a look at the why and how.

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Wonderful execution !!! Kudos Eitan!!

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eitan chitayat
9 pencils

thank you sir. and thanks to lobo and birdo of brazil. they rocked it.

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