The Betacup: 60 Seconds To Save The World & The Worldsaver

60 Seconds To Save The World
Every second there is more waste as a result of the non-recyclable paper coffee cup problem. And every second there are more resources misused in their creation. But take heart, because every second is also an opportunity for change. An opportunity to solve the problem and save the world. Please share this video (created by Good Day Monsters in partnership with Denuo, and Waveplant Studios). Together we can find a solution, it can’t wait another second.

The Worldsaver
At The Betacup, we think saving the world can start with something small. Like, say, your morning coffee. You know, that white paper non-recycleable thingie with the plastic lid and wasteful cardboard wrap around it. Yeah, that. Well, together with Denuo, Good Day Monsters we created something to help change all that. It’s a little something that will serve as both a reminder about every cup’s wastefulness every second, and an opportunity to create change. To make a better cup. All by starting small. With something like, say, your screensaver. Or as we like to call it, The Worldsaver. Download it here soon, before it’s too late. http://www.thebetacup.com/worldsaver

Advertising Agency: Denuo, Chicago, IL, USA
Creative Directors: Saneel Radia, Benny Torres
Production Company: Good Day Monsters
Art Director: Nanat Teparak
Copywriter: Jeff Canzona

June 2010


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32882 pencils

It's good. Yah, saves the budget too.

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like it, great edition

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they should talk about the betacup too. i din get much

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