The American Cancer Society: Justin Bieber and Usher wishes Happy Birthday

For our More Birthdays campaign for The American Cancer Society. Usher sent this remix using our commercials to Justin Bieber on his 17th birthday. It was then sent to 46 million fans, over 50,000 likes in 5 hours on facebook, 1 million hits on youtube in 2 days.

Editor: P.S. 260

Advertising Agency: The Martin Agency, USA
Chief Creative Officer: John Norman
Group Creative Director: Joe Alexander
Art Director: D'Arcy O'Neill
Copywriter: Neel Williams
Directors: Mysto & Pizzi, Joe Alexander
Agency producers: Leslie Griles, Sam Tucker

March 2011


Ads.chinaSMACK's picture
271 pencils

Just jumping on the bieber hysteria, as it's a charity i will hold back the disliking...

Advertising @ chinaSMACK

atb2005's picture
13561 pencils

Celine Dion, Kylie Minogue, and Ricky Martin are a few other artists who participated in this campaign. I like the concept.

Ron Burgundy's picture
Ron Burgundy
1634 pencils

Was that a Flux Capacitor?...How do I get one?

Hiperion's picture
3138 pencils

It stinks like a northamerican fat man.
Tacky, so tacky...

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
2334 pencils

Keep it civil, xenophobe.

JustinCarrasquillo's picture
557 pencils

Couldn't even dare to hit the play button. Justin who??

Prof's picture
1449 pencils

Kill the whole agency. And I'm being nice...

Quite really.

Djenzie's picture
163 pencils

Who's the kid?

Glut's picture
3937 pencils

@ prof you re right

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
2334 pencils

The commercial simply has too many MTV-style edits for its own good and thus it isn't moving, it's busy. Busy, busy, busy.

Saloresler's picture
41 pencils

I just puked my keyboard

dollypoppin's picture
1423 pencils

It's not that great but not that bad either. Just give the kid a break. :P

"Nihil sub sole novum"

Paloma's picture
531 pencils

Shit over the limits

gaurk's picture
37 pencils

I'm glad something half-decent has finally attached its brand to the celebration of birthdays. Didn't care for the commercial but I think it's for preteens.

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