Thai Airways: Wanderlust

This is spec work.

Spot Director: Emil Kahr Nilsson
Cinematographer: Simon Mouridsen
DP Assist.: Bastian Schiøtt
Producer: Bjarke Hjorth Madsen, Charles W Goings, Pak Chaisana
Copywriter: Jon Goldtsche
Line Producer: Agnes Tine Tollbøll
Sound Designer: Anne Gry Friis Kristensen
Music Producer: Marco Frydshou
Telecine: James Bamford, The Mill London
Lab: Film Lab Cph
Lighting & Grip: Martin Riello, Michel Toft, Anton Thykier Benjamin Kirk, Wingrip
PA: Helene Hoby, Noomi Frazier, Helene Hoby
Costumes: Franciska Hjermov


atb2005's picture
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Great music, brilliant cinematography. Just magical. Best spot I've seen this week!

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Jaap Grolleman
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Lovely, as Atb said, great music. All comes together ;-)

Libor Oubrecht's picture
Libor Oubrecht
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where is the idea?

HappyHour's picture
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What the... can anyone explain this?

Guest's picture

yup..nice music.. and a music definitely creates a nice ambiance in it..

n wanderlust is a tour n travel co. + they have their tour guide magazine...so thru dis ad,dey hv shown that...it can carry you everywhere...thru a sweet gesture of thai culture..

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hmm...nice music, creating a nice ambiance..

wanderlust is a tour n travel co.+ they hv a tour guide publication.. n thru this ad, they wantd to show that it can carry u everywhere..thru a sweet gesture of thai culture...

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great execution

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