Temperley London: The Circus Zoetrope

Advertising Agency: Legs, UK
Directors: Greg Brunkalla, Georgie Greville, Geremy Jasper
Production Company: Legs
Producer: Liz Bradley
Executive Producer: Adam Joseph
Editor: Paul Snyder, Lost Planet
Cinematographer: Luke McCoubrey
Production Designer: Jeff Everett
Master Prop Builder: Irfan Akdag
Carpenters: John Furgason, Andy Pan
Art Director: David Dean Ebert
Prop Assistants: Chris Keegan, Rob Ebeloft
Production Assistants: Marvin Jones, John Robertson
Prop Builders: Faren Oshman, Edmund Bastian, Saki Sato
Casting Director: Edward Kim, House Casting
Stylist: Jacob K
Hair Stylist: Esther Langham
Makeup Stylist: Lucia Pica
Print Post Production: Jesse Price
Retouching: Meredith Motley
Digital Manager: Jason Cannon
Digital Capture: Scott Schweizer
Compositor: Tim Vierling
Lighting Director: Derek Gross
Steadicam Operator: David Ellis
Camera Technician: Ian Bloom
Production Assistants: Brendan McCarthy, Danny Sanchez
Music: Pavov Stelar
Post Production Company: Lost Planet


Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6996 pencils

Lovely music. Shame the animations didn't really look like stop-motion in the end, just 5 videos next to each other, standing still.

paketa's picture
618 pencils

Really Good, too bad it went for too long ;)

Guest's picture

like the mood!

Yarp's picture
387 pencils

Liked it, but I was a bit confused on what they were selling.

Guest's picture

It's for Temperley London, a fashion boutique. I think it was a traveling installation to advertise their sring/summer 2010 collection.

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