Talking flowers

February 2009
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Advertising Agency: The Fire Station
President: Mike Perdigao
CD: Liz Loew
Senior Copywriter: Josh Bloomberg
Senior AD: Phil Mimaki
Agency Producer: Julie Fields
Production Coordinator: Tim Munday
Post / Effects: Asylum
VFX Supervisor: Piotr Karwas
Lead Animator: Craig Van Dyke
Lead Inferno Artist: Chris Moore
Animators: Mike Warner, Steward Burris
Lighters: Matthew Maude, Michael Sean Foley
Lead Modeler: Greg Stuhl
Modeler: Josh Robinson
Riggers: Kevin Culhane, Omar McClendon
Trackers: Michael Lori, Eddie Offermann
Matte Painter: Alexi Steinhauer
Roto: Daniel Linger, Zac Chowdhury
Producer: Diana Cheng
EP: Michael Pardee
Bidding Producer: Mike Hanley
Editorial: Butcher
Editor: Meagan Bee
Producer: Chrissy Hamilton

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Joy Sanchez
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hahaha beauty full funny flowers.....