Teleflora: Talking flowers

Advertising Agency: The Fire Station
President: Mike Perdigao
CD: Liz Loew
Senior Copywriter: Josh Bloomberg
Senior AD: Phil Mimaki
Agency Producer: Julie Fields
Production Coordinator: Tim Munday
Post/Effects: Asylum
VFX Supervisor: Piotr Karwas
Lead Animator: Craig Van Dyke
Lead Inferno Artist: Chris Moore
Animators: Mike Warner, Steward Burris
Lighters: Matthew Maude, Michael Sean Foley
Lead Modeler: Greg Stuhl
Modeler: Josh Robinson
Riggers: Kevin Culhane, Omar McClendon
Trackers: Michael Lori, Eddie Offermann
Matte Painter: Alexi Steinhauer
Roto: Daniel Linger, Zac Chowdhury
Producer: Diana Cheng
EP: Michael Pardee
Bidding Producer: Mike Hanley
Editorial: Butcher
Editor: Meagan Bee
Producer: Chrissy Hamilton
Aired: February 2009


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"No one wants to see you naked!". Hilarious!

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i like this!

| Everartz |

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the end could be better. otherwise nice.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Yeah, the button doesn't seem to be working quite well. I'd kill it if you can't scrape up enough money to reshoot something else for the agency reel...

I like the overall concept, although I've seen a few "print version" of this idea before (a la "What do these flowers say about you?" or "Don't let them say the wrong things about you.")

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Crisp One
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no, everyone stop being nice, this was a lame commercial, boxed flowers isn't a bad enough reason to not use ProFlowers or something else. There has to be another USP.

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you will probably do very well on websites like Planners of the World.
better yet, why don't you start one?

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Crisp One
2007 pencils

what ? English please. Planners? WTF?

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Hahaha! NOW we know what "other" means on your profile. Clearly, you do not work in the creative department in an ad agency or for that matter in avertising period. I'm sorry if I offended you.
I'd be more than happy to explain what a planner in an ad agency does. But since you do not seem to work in the industry, what good would that do?... WTF, indeed. : (

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Crisp One
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well if you were able to clearly articulate what the hell you were saying in your mish-mash response, I could of answered it accordingly.

The way you respond reminds me of the mouthbreathers who spend their whole day sucking up to the creative director, when they should be back at their desk working.

I'm very proud of you that you understand the working infrastructure titles of your agency, your mother would be proud.

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hmmm... u culd make this on 10 sec and get the same... warever, i diden't like it... the idea is good, bad executed.. taste i seeen be4

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:) smells like good work......


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From the comments here, one really understands how AOTW comments suck. This is probably the worst Superbowl commercial ever and it kind of gets a semi-praise here. Deplorable.

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and which Superbowl are you talking about?

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this is awful and not funny at all.

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Joy Sanchez
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hahaha beauty full funny flowers.....

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