Tatra Beer: Fire

Advertising Agency: Change Integrated, Poland
Production Company: Opus Film
Director: Barney Cokeliss
Edit House: Cut+Run
Editor: Ben Campbell


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boring to me.

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Jaap Grolleman
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What where the first 52 seconds about lol.

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i like the story. but how it connects to the product is beyond me.

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i cant understand can some one ex plane to me?

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there is an old polland story about people who save horses from fire they get a cold beer as a reward near the river and the fish watches not having thrust at all.

u blew it up.. maybe with parallel stories , one passes the fire with a cover horse another passes with beer would be different.. but maybe.

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I like Corbeen's idea better. Good DP work though.

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Could work for a stronger spirit. Beer is too frivolous for this.

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Probably easier to understand when guys and girls dancing and drinking together... but the poetry, the relation of trust between the man and the horse, and the comfort of a good beer after a wildly effort is the real feeling of the real beer amateur... the great reward!

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yes hard for us to understand lucky that we have one Guest who understands... come ooon . go on poetry lessons.

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Awesome director, he should be making feature films.

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