Switzerland Tourism: Weather prophet on an anthill

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Zurich, Switzerland
Creatives: Peter Brönnimann, Martin Spillmann
TV production: Suzana Kovacevic
Director: Xavier Koller
Production: Plan B, Zurich
Producer: HC Vogel


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Big McLargehuge
76 pencils

That made me itch.

tracyzhang's picture
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Now I definitely don't want to go there so I can avoid the ants.

morse's picture
16547 pencils

Not working. Who wants to be covered by ants?

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Baelin's picture
277 pencils

This is an example of framing a message in the wrong context.

Temple's picture
10890 pencils

There is a reason why they show the beaches or the forests or the ski resorts in tourism commercials.

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Seriously Crazy
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although those aren't the ants that make you itch, but they aren't something that makes you want to go there either..

jjf's picture
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I wonder how they'll clear all the ants from his body later.

Asifur Rahman Khan's picture
Asifur Rahman Khan
28 pencils

Showing ants crawling all over an elderly person sitting on an ant hill identifying tourist ants? Brilliant. How did they ever convince the clients that this idea would work?

Copy Group Head | Unitrend Limited [Affiliated with McCann WorldGroup]

Divvea's picture
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Are they personifying ants as tourists?? really??
No tourist would love a place like an ant hill.

vinnyrihal's picture
60 pencils

It's a great idea, but to convince the client is an even greater achievement

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