Svedka Vodka: Badge of Honor, The Fame Lobster

Advertising Agency: HUGE, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Creative Director: Andrew Kessler
Art Director: Leila El-Kayem
Copywriter: Kendra Jones
Director: Tobias Perse
Editor: John Zieman
Content / Experience Producer: Andrea Leminske
Engagement Director: Hannah Stubblefield
Product Strategist: Angeline Voung
Title Design: Matt Lawrence
Production Company: Fixer Films
Post-Production: PS260
Audio Mix: Phantom Audio
Published: August 2011


sambuca's picture
1066 pencils

where is the vodka?
it would've worked with beer, wine, lsd and kokaine as well.

Direstion's picture
115 pencils

walk of shame is really tough after vodka

welsh523's picture
150 pencils

Great possibilities but the spot needs to have a place where you can see more of them and interact with them. Hell, where you can share your own. Svedka needs that extra UGC component for this to be an awesome campaign.

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

You can see more of them on YouTube; they have their own channel.
The ability to interact with some of the videos would be great. Buzzman, France does such interactive videos, and they are pretty good.
You can share your own walk of shame story on their facebook page.

Glut's picture
3947 pencils

vodka should been more linked, funny anyway

bluemonster's picture
28 pencils

too bad svedka is awful.

kleenex's picture
33834 pencils

I found the ad funny.

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