Susan G. Komen: Burned

Advertising Agency: TracyLocke, Dallas, TX, USA
ECD: Regan Holley
Creative Director: Julie Bowman, Briony Wilson
Assoc. Creative Director/Writer: Gib Shellenberger
Creative Director/Art Director: Bryan Foux
Production co: MJZ
Director: Marcus Nispel
Post production: Charlie Uniform Tango, Staci LeVan
Producer: Diana Payer
Aired: October 2007


young one's picture
young one
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get your breasteses checked out or your house will burn!!

Wordnerd's picture
6660 pencils

and stop smoking, before you get abducted!!

ranting mad ad men's picture
ranting mad ad men
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Youngone and Wordnerd, how did the both of you get on this forum in the first place?. Are you guys for real!?
Its a good ad. One that talks about the risk of ignoring something and not being aware of trouble brewing - its a nicely executed visual metaphor. Get with the programme guys,

elgrecones's picture
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agree with u... about the ad, and about the two guys over there...

Beckser75's picture
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Nicely shot. But not sure about the idea. Well, actually, sure about the idea. Don't like. It's pretty American. Analogies. Let's burn something. Abd then say, be aware of something. But who knows, maybe it works.

young one's picture
young one
56 pencils

I still think its a wrong comparison. To me this movie is about a women that has cancer but doesnt want chemo therapy. Not about a women that doesnt want her breast checked!!

bknowlden's picture
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Nicely executed, but there was a campaign for flood insurance about how you can't ignore and you need to prepare. Exact same idea in my opinion.

Juan Pablo De Gamboa's picture
Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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I think there is a very good idea, very well produced, but the locution and the copyline are terrible.

pneuburg's picture
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First of all you can't see breast cancer simply by looking in a mirror. That's why many woman don't think about it. Fire is totally visible. I agree the comparison is very wrong. They should have used something different, something that slowly, sneaks up.


rocketman's picture
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however, fire has a very dramatic effect don't you think? precisely because it's so visual. it's a good warning.

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