Surfrider Foundation: Rise above plastics

Advertising Agency: Borders Perrin Norrander, Portland, Oregon, USA
Creative Director: Jeremy S. Boland
VFX / Animation: LAIKA/house
Animation Director: Aaron Sorenson

March 2010


Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
2502 pencils

The spot doesn’t fully attain the emotional resonance it seems to be striving for, but it's still an accomplished and interesting piece of work.

atb2005's picture
13561 pencils

The spot does nothing for me. Maybe because it's animated..

Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
2502 pencils

@ atb2005

You're implying that animation is not capable of being emotive, touching or moving.

Are you sure you want to stick by that comment?

atb2005's picture
13561 pencils

Well, it could be. I guess I should have said that it hasn't been done particularly well.. That's just my opinion.

Stephen Waugh's picture
Stephen Waugh
3 pencils

I like it. The art could be better.

Nguyen Thanh Hai's picture
Nguyen Thanh Hai
105 pencils

i love it, now, I think it has impacted my consciousness

dollypoppin's picture
1423 pencils

This is really nice. I don't know if it's been done before, but it's something new for me. :)

"Nihil sub sole novum"

sandipkayal's picture
270 pencils

what a TVC...great


Guest's picture

love the animation style, but the idea is a bit weak for me.... overall impression. Average

Sushi lover's picture
Sushi lover
907 pencils

I like the style and the idea, very straight forward.

Dream needs to be big!

Ed Rapport's picture
Ed Rapport
724 pencils

Bunch of haters... this was a good ad CGI or not..

samanfani's picture
102 pencils

Is there anybody out there dare to through plastic in nature after watching this ad?! I don't think so, It was a very
efficient ad, perfectly aimed it's target group.

La Vita è bella's picture
La Vita è bella
48 pencils

i like it, nice.

Guest's picture

atb 2005 porque no me chupas el choto.

velle's picture
1550 pencils

o sheeeet. poor whale! it works for me!

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