Super Interessante Magazine: Recipe

The Super Interessante Magazine just launched the fim "Recipe", produced by Kombat Films, which is the continuation of the campaign "Starving Minds".

Advertising Agency: Moma Propaganda, Brazil
Editor: Daniell Rezende
Art Director: João Paulo Medeiros
Creative Director: Rodolfo Sampaio
Attendance: Izabella Villaça, Tomaz Holy Spirit, Marcela Figueiredo
Approval: Dimas Mietto, Cezar Almeida
Rtv: Marcelo Toledo Tyson
Director: Gabriel Mattar
Producer: Kombat Films
Director Of Photography: Gabriel Mattar
Executive Producer: Paulo Ferreira
Assembler: Jera Calderon
Animators: Gabriel Mattar, Mitihey Ando, Paul Simi
Production Art: Fernanda Teixeira, Yves Moura
Sound producer: Gloria In
Music Producer: Teresa Moranduzzo


gldc's picture
11 pencils

Very cool style, but unfortunately very stolen:

kleenex's picture
36286 pencils

I liked the animation, but the ad was not special at all.

certaintly's picture
4056 pencils

horrible connection.

completely irrelevant execution

monoliz's picture
1326 pencils

message is "food for brain". animation is good, but it ruined everything

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