Sunsilk: Hair Off

Advertising Agency: JWT, NY, USA
Executive Creative Director: Kash Sree
Art Director: Sarah Worthington, Armando Flores
Copywriter: Bee Reynolds
Producer: Jennifer Mastrorilli
Production: Identity, NY
Director: Jeff Labbé
DP: Joseph Yaccoe
EP: Joe Masi
Head of Production: Alana Hall
Line Producer: Maria Gallagher
Editorial: Cosmo Street, NY
Editor: Tom Scherma
Shoot Location: New York

August 2007


Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
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I love it.
I've been wondering who did this spot ever since I first saw it a few weeks ago.
A shampoo ad with a concept. "Don't let it go to your hair." How refreshing!
Although the idea of showing the unexpected negative "side effects" of using the product, where people get injured as a result, is not very new (we've all seen it in car ads, fast food ads and on and on), but to see one in an otherwise usually abominably stale haircare products ad is such a welcoming thing. Nice job girls! (how appropriate it came from a "chick team"...)

Washing my hair's picture
Washing my hair

I'm currently freelancing at an agency where I was given a haircare assignment last week and flatly turned it down. (Mostly because they are a horrible dictatory client with low standards, bad management and incredibly tight with a dollar.) But also because there are a lot of women in the creative dept that I thought would be better suited for the product. But after seeing this wonderful spot and the comments above by JPL, even though that client comes with a lot of baggage, (collateral, in-store signage, etc.) i'm going to seriously reconsider my decision.

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Guest KS

it wasn't just a chick team. the credits are wrong. The team is Bee Reynolds Armando Flores and Sarah Worthington.

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Take that Herbal Essence!!!

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Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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congratulations to Mr Jeff Labbé, any idea well directed does a good ad.

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it happens - check out the real deal Middle Eastern whiplash style on

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