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October 2010

When Harvest Films was approached by agency Carmichael Lynch to launch a multiplatform campaign "Mediocrity" for client Subaru, it was clear the experience would be anything but ordinary. The Mediocrity launch is a playful send-up of automotive advertising and a reflection of how the average consumer perceives car shopping.

The expansive campaign includes television and online commercials directed by Harvest Films' Baker Smith, and the agency produced website via Exoplis ( with online games and tongue-in-cheek purchase options. A Facebook page, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel played an integral role. The Carmichael Lynch media team was also able to partner with automotive sites such as AutoTrader, Cars Direct and Edmunds to integrate spotlight pages and reviews into their sites. These sites would then reveal those pages to anyone shopping for a sedan.

DP:Jonathan Sela
Production: Designer: Fanae Aaron

Film advertisment created by Carmichael Lynch, United States for Subaru, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Carmichael Lynch, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jim Nelson
Group Creative Director: Randy Hughes
Group Creative Director / Art Director: Brock Davis
Group Creative Director / Writer: Matt Elhardt
Sr. Digital Designer: Joe Kral
Director of Integrated Prod: Joe Grundhoefer
Director of Digital Prod: Pete Mertz
Sr. Integrated Producer: Freddie Richards
Sr. Digital Producer: Jennifer Helm
Account Director: Melissa Schoenke
Account Leader: Dan Hoedeman
Account Manager: Chelsea Moran
Sr. Project Manager: Jennifer Abbey
Production Company: Harvest Films
Director: Baker Smith
EP: Bonnie Goldfarb
EP: Scott Howard
HOP / Prod: Rob Sexton
Line Prod: Mala Vasan
Website Development: Exopolis
Editorial: Channel Z
Editor: Charlie Gerszewski
Music: Beacon Street

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I hope the average rating becomes 5/10 stars lulz

HappyHour's picture
Activity Score 2381

bundled all the competition into one lame ass car.. love it

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hilarious. I love it

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its like interpreting my thoughts while watching any commercial based on cars...

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Activity Score 29860

A whole lot of talk and effort to NOT describe the product. Been tried many times before.

Ironically, this execution is pretty blah.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Activity Score 347

Not only this but i went into the website to see what this was all about and i had to see a lot of boring stuff before i finally, "accidentally" bump into what this was intending to show me!!!!! I hated it, by the time i got to the real product i was so bored from going around in the mediocrity site that i had no intentions left to actually check the real one out! :( ...sorry.

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it's funny, it deffinetly stands out from all the "OMG our car is amazing" I think its purpuse its to go viral and create a buzz around it.

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Activity Score 80

hey, what about safety, hah? and what about extra comfort while driving the family? i understand its simple but everyone want safe family, not a word about that= bad ad.

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I hope the average rating becomes 5/10 stars lulz