Sony Xperia Z: Experience the best of Sony in a smartphone

Production Agency: King Edward Filmproduktion, Malmoe, Sweden
Director: Henrik Holmqvist
Producer: Carl Schonebohm
DOP: Rasmus Heise
VFX Supervisor: Jorgen Persson
Editor: Pal Callmer
Released: January 2013


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I thought this was a creativity site.

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Nike Diesel
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+100! i was thinking the exact same thing

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not bad.

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agree with Temple and this looks like they are selling a camera rather than a cell phone

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ad libitum
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hmmm... "experience the best of sony"... so they showed the walkman, flat screens, cameras, video cameras, games.... basically sony electronics packed into this thing...but they forgot one big aspect, nobody in the advert is seen talking on the phone. Pretty basic function of the phone, not to be ignored.

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very nice

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I actually like this ad. It's true that it lacks "a bit" in creativity, but note that this is a demonstrative commercial. If you check the SonyXperia youtube channel you can watch the full series, which is made of "focus on" videos of every phone's function (Which, fytk, work way better than Smasung ones), and there is a lot more quality creativity in those ones. Still about this one, i don't think it really misses to show the telephone function, just because every smartphone does it pretty well and the war is actually on the sharpness of extra plus they offer. I definitely like the way Sony, both Mobile and Entertainment, communicates.

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I meant "Samsung", mistyped it.

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