Sony Playstation Vita: The World is in Play

Advertising Agency: 180 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Galen Graham
Art Director: Martin Terhart
Copywriter: David Chalu
Producer: Richard Firminger
Account Director: Gemma Knox
Account Manager: Simona Raspagni
Production Company: Independent Films
Executive Producer / MD: Jani Guest
Executive Producer: Verity White
Director: Cary Fukunaga
Producer: Emma Butterworth
Production Manager: Phoebe Matheson
DOP: Adriano Goldman
Production Designer: Chris Jones
Behind the Scenes Director: Ed Sayers
Service Production Company: Unit Sofa
Executive Producer: Fady Salame
Line Producer: Mirka Taylor
Production Manager: Pavel Voracek
Production Coordinator: Martin Mikula
Offline Edit: The White House
Offline Producer: Lisa Kenrick
Offline Editor: Russel Icke
Post Production Company: MPC
Post Producer Supervisor: Scott Griffin
Visual Effects Supervisor: Ludo Fealy


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Not as good as Double life. In a way adding insult to injury.

Here is the ad:

Scott Steinberg, author of Videogame Marketing and PR and founder of Embassy Multimedia Consultants commented on the Playstation Double life ad in 2008, :
“ Pure genius, nothing less... From sheer caliber of script to general casting, dialogue, acoustics, camerawork and striking use of both color and imagery, this promotional spot commands the audience's attention like few other videogame ads – or advertisements, period – that've come before. Epic in scope, yet elegantly capturing every man's desire to transcend the boundaries of mundane life, to this day, the piece remains nothing short of iconic... not to mention instrumental in conveying the PlayStation family's inherent scope and value.

Watching for the first time, it's near impossible to take your eyes off the screen, even if, upon reflection, the number of half-naked men and face time they're afforded proves slightly disproportionate... and disturbing"

Now this is a review. :-)


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Bad update of this amazing "double life" Playstation ad -
with a flavour of the Call of duty one

So no. Sorry. Not surprising enough.

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I'm sure 99% of people out there don't even know what double life was. But for us, professionals, this would always be compared to double life, and lose hands down. Not surprising, indeed.

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99% of people don't even give a F*** of advertising anyway. :)
But we know what is/should be great advertising. That's why we go - professionals of the 1% who cares - on AOTW, hoping to see those who achieved to do it. These ad is decent. Idea is decent, direction is good. But with such an amount of production value and willing of good idea from the client, it's a bit disappointing.

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Ron Burgundy
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it's beautifully shot though

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I fully agree with you.

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its a beautiful shot

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