Sony: Petals volcano

Colourful TV ad set to take your breath away as three tonnes of petals erupt from a Costa Rican volcano.

Advertising Agency: McCann, London, UK
Executive Creative Directors: Rob Doubal, Laurence Thomson
Copywriter: Arman Naji

Account Handlers:  Pip Shepherd, Sam Khaneka
Agency Producers: Paula Mackersey, Anita Osborne, Charlie Macpherson
Director: Jaron Albertin
Production Company: Smuggler

Producer: Nick Fewtrell

Music Supervisor: Carl Rapp
Post Production: Framestore
Sound Design: Craft 
Media Planning: Mediacom

Art Directors: Arman Naji, Michael Thomason, Javier Gomez
Edit House: Trim
Music Title & Artist: ‘Berlin’ by RY X

November 2013


linneagudmundson's picture
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Hm. I am amazed by the idea but i really don't think the execution and result looks very beautiful. Rather.. dirty and messy. And the marvellous nature of Costa Rica seems kind of gray. I guess this is all meant to be dirty and messy and grayish, but i don't get why.

Forgive the spelling, am swedish..

Wordnerd's picture
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"You remember the rubber balls? We want exactly that again. But somehow different."

faissalo's picture
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nail on head

Nice init

Temple's picture
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Amazing. Excellent music as well.

jebus's picture
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Balls is still better. Good try though.

jimungimm's picture
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Balls is still better.

miko1aj's picture
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this is next step of the same campaign so no wonder they tried to invent new way of color explode.
I am amazed by the concept itself. Volcano blowing the flowers is like a poem.
But agree that it's not that colourish as it should be.
Still like it very very much.

faissalo's picture
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Balls 2. Dark sequels are never as good.

Nice init

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