Sony: Move

To get the gaming world psyched for the release of its new motion-sensing controller PlayStation Move, electronics giant Sony teamed up with San Francisco-based creative studio TEAK to concept, produce and handle post-production on "Move", a three-minute film that premiered at the annual E3 video game conference this past June. The short combines original 3D modeling, live action and videogame footage to show how gamers of all ages can use the motion joystick to experience the console's immersive onscreen worlds. TEAK Creative Director/Director Greg Rowan came up with the original idea for "Move" and with the support of motion designers Frank Glinski and Josh Miller, crafted the concept from inception to completion.

Prod Company: TEAK
Director: Greg Rowan
EP: Greg Martinez
Producer: Emily van Nierop
Post/Effects: TEAK
Concept Design: Joshua Miller, Frank Glinski
3D Animator: Joshua Miller
Motion Graphics: Frank Glinski, Ken Ackerman, Brian Rulapaugh
Post Supervisor / Smoke Artist: Mark Everson
Editor: Danny Figueroa
Smoke Asst.: Jeremy Huff
EP: Jan Frei
Producer: Emily van Nierop
Mixer: DJ Craze


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i want that!

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me too!

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Haha me too!

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Me too!!!

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Kinetic its much better

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I'd rather be holding a replica. Putting your arms out in front of you is like, well, it's like being 8 years old again. Purile!

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"This Changes Everything"

Did they really use that line? Wait.. let me think.. I heard that before, somewhere, like a gazillion times in the last few months ..hmm.
Someone needs to fire that copywriter :)

Plus this doesn't really convince me of being the next awesome thing in gaming.
Especially since most people have already realized their Wii isn't that amazing and have placed it in a dark forgotten corner covered by a thick layer of dust.

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Agree. Copy essentially ignores the Wii. Which has been out for years.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Jaap Grolleman
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Controller looks like some dildo...

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Are we here to talk about Move and Kinect or to talk about the ad?

Nothing special. Simply shows what the controller does. I think it works better as a presentation for conferences like E3, than a commercial ad.

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yep, agree. This is conference presentation spot. I don't know. I'm not very much into that kind of advertising, though I can imagine that it may sell product. Okay sell – not to create brand actually. I don't play games (btw - graphics are still so cheesy? – terrible), so maybe it's not my piece of cake, but this spot is 100% not creative, and only purpose of it being here is probably want to advertise it among always-playing creatives.

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me too

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Beyond being a demo (and not a very inspiring one) there's no creative merit in here. I guess it's summer time for AOTW.

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Sushi lover
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nothing special, it reminds me Wii instead.

Dream needs to be big!

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jackmancer... the controller was designed by a woman. and yes it also doubles up as a dildo. Hope they gave it the 'vibrator' in there..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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nobody will get "psyched" (what hack wrote that blurb, an assistant account executive twit?) about a lame-ass video like that.

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hero china
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