Sony Bravia: Balls

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I thought this would be the Cannes grand prix, anyway it won gold in its category. One single premise: Colour like no other. The music and mood of the ad really makes you travel to another plane... Good job from Fallon.

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I think the song's is of The Knife originally. I like that version better. Amazing ad nonetheless!

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Can watch it over and over again. what a wonderful work. a classic masterpiece of advertising.

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there must be a better way of executing these

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Colorful and creative.

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I've seen this ad more times than a normal human should.You really need to see it on a proper new tv screen to get the full effect, but oh what an effect! It's beautiful and there's a calmness in this madness that somehow overtakes me. I'm also partial to Jose's cover of this song and prefer it to the original. Also - an iconic city used for an iconic brand.

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