Sol Beer: Bicycle

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland, New Zealand
Art directors: Daniel Liao, Levi Slavin
Copy writer: Dave Govier
Animator: James McLeod


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Great looking spot but what a let down at the end. I really wish this thing would have left me with SOME kind of payoff. Anything.

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the payoff is that you're looking at a sombrero.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i thought the payoff was good, i didn't know it was a sombrero, and i luaghed when i saw it. I think its a fun spot

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some people get it right away. some don't get it until you tell them. showed it to an argentinian friend and he said it's a mexican on a bicycle within the first second. said that's how they drew mexicans when they were kids. i like it a lot.

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amazingly good for a low-cost post production, gives you a taste of that mexican atmosphere in a nice and original way.

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I'm sick and tired of looking mexicans with hats riding horses screaming ay chihuahua. we're not like that!!!!!
but... i really like this ad, is really good executed and funny haha.
ay chihuahua

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I just realised they were wearing sombreros, I thought they were fat bodied-little headed people...

... its already been done...

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Racist but nicely executed.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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why because they are all wearing mexican sombrero's? its part of their culture and its not derogatory in any way.

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i don't think self-deprecating humor is racist. it's like seinfeld making fun of jews. if it were a german beer bashing mexican beer, that would be different.

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Nice, but a little too long. The sombrero may be the payoff, but you figure it out early enough that it doesn't justify the spot going on quite so long.

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Createn Outback
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That was really cute. Lots of little nice stories there to discover. and just the use of stereotypes doesn't make it racist! otherwise most ads using foreign people are racist

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I didn't get the sombrero in the begining. nice

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Having grown up as a kid in England I knew straight away the "Mexican wearing a sombrero riding a bike" drawing. I think most my age would. Maybe the same in the 'colonies' too.
Pretty funny if you know it.

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i think its brilliant, its sad that doesent have an end:( . maybe if the end was something else.. like when they drink beer is the only time that we could see their faces, and see that theyre diferent .. don no.. but end is missing definitly

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it´s a nice idea, i like it

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Mr Hughes
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Excellent. Engaging and fun.

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So nice! I really like it! Cheers.

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I'm mexican and I find this insulting. It's full of awful, boring and rather old and used cliches. For you Facebook users please refer to a group called: I'm Mexican and I don't travel in "burro" or wear a giant "sombrero".

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Andre BR

Shut up! ...This is Very Nice...

Everybody know that Mexicans, don't wear s sombreros everytime.
In my opinion, it was based in a silly joke with this 1st draw. (bike) ...What's is this? A mexicans riding a bike.

Nothing to complain about, it's a silly joke.

Andre (Brazil)

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No seas dramatico

Estamos en el 2007 y todo el mundo sabe que los mejicanos no andan en burros despues de aquel DONKEY SHOW accidente anal en 1995. Decime una cosa, cuando fue la ultima vez que tecate compro uno de tus ads?



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Spanky, número 1, no pienso tomar opiniones sobre mi cultura de un argentino que no sabe que México se escribe con X y no con J. Número 2, ese tipo de sombreros ni siquiera es el verdadero sombrero mexicano. Te invito a darte una vuelta a mi País (si es que no vives ya aquí, porque la inmigración de argentinos a México es impresionante, sobre todo en el medio publicitario, por algo será...) y comprobar que no verás ese tipo de sombreros fuera de las tiendas de souvenirs en Tijuana y Ensenada. Ese tipo de sombrero es el estereotipo del mexicano creado por los norteamericanos y que lo puedes ver en todas las películas o series basadas en la época del gobierno de Santa Ana y que responden al hecho de que se libró una guerra con la que Estados Unidos ganó los estados de Texas, Nuevo México, Arizona y California. Entonces, ponte a estudiar un poco, razona y entiende de dónde vienen las cosas y deja de pensar que México fue como en El Zorro y Speedy González.

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El Mexicano

En México también hacemos esa broma de "un charro en bicicleta" (¿eso nos convierte en "autoracistas"?). Así que se entiende en el primer segundo pero aún así, el comercial es divertido y si, se cae al final por que no supieron como terminarlo. Pero es una idea inocente, simple y divertida para una categoría llena de tetas, playas y gente "pasándola bien", es bueno porque no es pretencioso y es un anuncio distinto.

Soy mexicano y lo único que me ofende aquí son los comentarios estúpidos de otros mexicanos que nos hacen parecer retrógradas e incapaces de entender que un mexicano con un sombrero es un código, un chiste, no un insulto.

In Mexico we also have the little "mexican with a sombrero in a bike" joke (does that makes us "selfracists"?). So I got the gimmick right away, but still I found it funny. Yes, the ad doesn´t have a proper ending but it is a naive, simple and funny ad in a category full of boobs, beaches and people "having a good time" clichés. I like this ad because it´s simple and different.

I am mexican and the only insulting thing around here are the stupid comments of my fellow countrymen that makes us look retarded for not getting that a "mexican with a sombrero" is a code, a joke, not an insult.

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you Mexicans are funny, shooting holes through the roof of the bar...

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el d1eg0
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Graphics are nice, but the tv ad is awful.

BTW, i'm a mexican and i don't use a sombrero nor know someone who does...

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how do you dance the mexican hat dance without a sombrero?

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if u dont use it doesent mean that it is out from your tradition and that the rest of the world will perceive you in a diferent way.

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Off course its just a code. And they made a brilliant work with it, I mean, using that kind of graphic representing a culture.

For me its a wasted asset in this spot. Its doesnt have an end... too bad.

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Brief: Make an add about this Mexican beer.

Result: An add full of stereotypes about Mexicans.

I don't see how this can be brilliant, creative or good for a brand. Why do I want to drink Sol after watching this spot?

PS. Yes, I like the execution.

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