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When did she lose all her sex appeal?

But this lame-o spot has been banned from the Super Bowl because it mentions almighty Coke and Pepsi, so it is going to still get a lot of PR for this brand without having to pay to air the spot.

Yum Foods is watching you right now!

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So, it's obviously a very shit ad. It's heavy-handed, dull, and the furthest thing from creative.

My question is: Was this intentional? Did Bogusky make an ad designed to never see the light of day -- just so it'd get all this PR? Even if he didn't, he can say he did. And this will be remembered as one of the smartest ads of all time.

The man's still got it.

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I think Bogusky said something like: don't show me the tv line, show me what the press is going to talk about.

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Childish ad.

ND Fletcher

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Sorry sodastream!!

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