Social campaign for passenger rights: Passenger rules!

Don't loose control of your life. Don't be dependent on the driver.

Advertising Agency: Zavod Consulting, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Svetlana Smirnova
Art Director: Max Kitaev
Copywriter: Andrey Sivkov
General Director: Natalia Agre
Project Director: Vadim Melnikov
Strategic Director: Maxim Pisarev
PR Director: Alexandra Gavrilova
Production: Stink
Director: Ne-O
DOP: Joost van Gelder
Сamera: Arri Alexa
Aired: June 2011


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Strap line confuses me. I'm guessing it's about wearing a seat belt?

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I enjoyed this film. Funny.

If there's an overall message in this story of "you wouldn't let him treat you like that when you're walking, so why let him do that in the car" and if there's a specific message of "don't take a lift if he drives recklessly", are you also doing a film of "speak up if he drives recklessly"?

I'm not so convinced with the ending of this film:

The way the film is right now, it could be that the driver chose to leave his brother behind. I don't think the story bit of that is clear. And so I think it's less strong than it could be.

Could it be stronger with one of these endings?:

--- The film ends when they get to the car. It doesn't show the brothers split, or the driving off.

That might leave the viewer with a thought of "Oh, now things could get bad."


--- At the end, we see the pushed-around guy make the break from his brother -- so it's clear it's not the other way around...we see the pushed-around guy actually do a version of what you're suggesting viewers do.

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I thought the video was too long, but I did like the last joke.

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