SOA Aids Nederland: Great body

Advertising Agency: VANABBETOTVESSEM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Concept/Art/Copy: Ronald van Vessem, Michiel van Abbe, Berend Boorsma
Illustrators: Rick de Zwart, Sabine Voorderhake
Production Company: Artcore
Director: Berend Boorsma
DOP: Lex Brand
Producers: Stefany Rietkerk, Jan Koopmans
Editor: Annelien van Wijnbergen @ The Ambassadors
Sound&Online: The Ambassadors
Responsible at client: Filippo Zimbile, Erwin Fisser
RVD/DPC: Albert Koch
Aired: August 2008


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it takes 6 months after transmission before HIV test is accurate.

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that's great sneakyhands. Are you adding that as a tip, or is it a critique of the effectiveness of getting tested for STDs?

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1857 pencils

simply that we know there is a 6 month window for false negatives, so only saying 'get tested' doesn't go far enough regarding current knowledge. being too comfortable with a favorable test result can still be quite risky.

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