SOA Aids Nederland: Doctor

Advertising Agency: VANABBETOTVESSEM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Concept/Art/Copy: Ronald van Vessem, Michiel van Abbe, Berend Boorsma
Illustrators: Rick de Zwart, Sabine Voorderhake
Production Company: Artcore
Director: Berend Boorsma
DOP: Lex Brand
Producers: Stefany Rietkerk, Jan Koopmans
Editor: Annelien van Wijnbergen @ The Ambassadors
Sound&Online: The Ambassadors
Responsible at client: Filippo Zimbile, Erwin Fisser
RVD/DPC: Albert Koch
Aired: August 2008


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OK....these are pretty funny. Good job. I think people will watch them and your message will come through. Solid.

mark3r's picture
1948 pencils

These are good ads! All three, great execution.


Bye's picture
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Ok production but but very, very corny. In a bad way.

sachio's picture
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I wouldn't say it's corny in a bad way. it's very very corny. But it's playing on people's fears. The above average person may be more educated and would simply think.. duh.. but to many people, testing yourself for STD's is shameful and intimidating.

I was in the clinic one time, and everyone just looked at the floor. you could feel the shame hanging in the air. Even I was put off. But then when I went in, it was like pee test. ok? that's it? Alright, see ya later! (came out clean fyi)

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I dont get the message

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seriously? you're obviously not sexually active. or promiscuous. which is not necessarily a bad thing. But going to a clinic to get an std test can be intimidating to many people. Rumors say that you must have things poked around inside of you, or have blood samples taken, and that might put some people off. This add is giving the message that it's not really sinister as you may initially think. Just pee in a cup.

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It's a Dutch agency!!! Never try to pronounce something written in dutch! You'll get your teeth burnt!!

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