Snickers: The Man Who Played Literally Hungry Trailer

Snickers and BBDO New York, recently partnered up with NFL Films to release a documentary that chronicles the epic mistake that the Dallas Cowboys defensive Leon Lett committed on Thanksgiving Day in 1993. The film, titled “The Man Who Played Literally Hungry: Leon Lett and the True Story Behind His Infamous Thanksgiving Blunder” sheds new light on the potential cause of Lett’s uncharacteristic play that fateful night, which still haunts him 18 years later. The film premiered at www.nfl.com/snickers on September 8, 2011. After watching the film, viewers will have the opportunity to “forgive Leon” for playing literally hungry at www.nfl.com/snickers. If Leon can reach a total of 25,000 “forgives”, SNICKERS will send him to this year’s rematch between the Cowboys and Dolphins.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, NY, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Senior Creative Directors: Peter Kain, Gianfranco Arena
Creative Directors: Larry Corwin, Ricardo Landim
Producer: Hyatt Choate
Copywriter / Associate Creative Director: Alex Taylor
Art Director / Associate Creative Director: Jason Stefanik
Designer: Justin Coombs
Music Producer: Rani Vaz
Producer: Tyler Doshier
Production Company: Furlined
Director: Ted Pauly
Director of Photography: Jaron Presant
Edit House: PS260
Editor: JJ Lask
FX / SFX: Brand Name

September 2011


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A documentary? I got the point in the first minute. An amusing idea. But actually making a proper documentary seems like overkill. But if the intent is to win awards out of sheer volume of effort, this might get the job done.

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Using this famous episode is very, very smart. But the way it all ties together is very convoluted.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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I agree with the above comments... it's actually really genius and engaging as a 30 or even minute long spot, but any more than that time limit and the message gets oversold aka a bit boring. At least that's how it was for me, but I've never been truly intrigued by football. Great idea, though!

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great sense of humor.


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