Snickers: Gremlins

The campaign is based on a universal insight: hunger turns us into someone else. Some people become aggressive, others unbearable or absent-minded. However we react, Snickers’ abundance of peanuts, caramel and chocolate make it the bar that satisfies our hunger and lets us return to our normal state. Nothing is more important when it comes to holding on to your role in a group of friends.

Advertising Agency: CLM BBDO, France
Media agency: Starcom Worldwide
CLM managers: Julien Lemoine, Jonathan Serog, Claire Nijdam, Joy Arfi, Nicolas Carlotti
Creative Directors: Matthieu Elkaim, Benjamin Marchal, Olivier Lefebvre

Art Director: Victor Mutel
Copywriter: Laurent Laporte
Strategic planning: Véronique Bernard, Laura Autier
Head of TV: Jacques Fouche
TV Producer: Thomas Laurent
Post-Producer: Sandra Benayer, Frédérique De Freitas
Production company: WANDA
Director: Gary Freedman
Soundtrack production: Schmooze
With the cooperation of: WARNER

September 2013


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Cute monster :) Though, maybe this concept doesn't last for this long, we've alreade seen people turning into someone else and then get a snickers. for quite some time as well..

Forgive the spelling, am swedish..

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In Europe (or at least France), where this ad is airing, it's the first time the campaign has made an appearance. So it's quite new for the folks over there. And the "monster" is from the movie "Gremlins." Kind of a neat throwback.

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Time to bury this concept. It's just not rewarding to watch anymore.

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I liked it.

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