Snack Brands Australia, Kettle Chips: Commerce Parading as Entertainment

Advertising Agency: Bulldozer, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Andy McKeon
Art Director / Copywriter: Andy McKeon
Agency Producer: Wendy Gillies
Account manager: Nik Witcombe, Caroline McLaughlin
Production Company: Prodigy Films
Director: Tim Bullock
Clients: Matt Jenkins, Paul Tredennick, Karl Lucas


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I hate the guy, not because he is with the girls, he is just plain annoying and can't act. The girls save it.

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the dude is the best

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guy? what guy....i didn't see a guy...

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I like

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love ads that make fun of themselves

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found it funny. love ads that make fun of themselves.

Quite really.

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That actor is absolutely terrible. Why?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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I think he's overacting on purpose.

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Fun. Funny. Not enough of these ads in Australia.
- Ninja Monkey

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Ads can make fun of them selves in better, less explicit ways. This is just a dumb, boring commercial that uses sex appeal, which God so help me I'm fucking tired of seeing. I thought advertising was about being creative, but I guess sex sells.

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What a pretentious load of shit. There's something about the magniloquent dialogue between simpletons trying to use big words to be edgy and chic that irritates the shit out of me.

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Hahaha, the "actor" is comedian Angus Sampson and anyone familiar with his work will realise that this role was obviously made for him. It is a parody of the sexualisation of ads. The "gratuitious package shot" line should be a dead giveaway to anyone.

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It is more of a wank than a parody. The satire will be lost on 90% of Australians and it will simply reinforce the values it is 'taking the piss' out of. It is not clever unless you are impressed by a bunch of self indulgent advertising boys club members making excuses for exposing our society to more seriously degrading imagery. Girls need to stop buying into this shit. Not doing yourselves any favours.

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