Smirnoff: Gong

Advertising Agency: JWT, New York, USA
Agency Producer: Mustafa Imam
Creative Director: Raphael Milczarek
Copywriter: Humberto Jiron
Art Director: Jeremy Argue
Directors: Miles Goodall, Gareth Paul
Director of Photography: Rob Malpage
Production Co & City: Suburban, Johannesburg
Producer: Liz Dahl
Post Production & City: Condor, Cape Town/ Riot Post Production
Editor & Company: Nick, Pudding


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Nice... only 1 thing I have notice... hitting the "Gong" ! ...trough vibration snowing cave burst the ice and form into a ball of SMIRNOFF. Is there any snowing place somewhere else in the time of hot season or summer?

Or you mean from mount Fuji roll to New York... when it snows to Japan sure also snowing in US.

He he he thats what I can see... other than... excellent!

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don't take is "that" seriously dear... it's not a documentary.

But why from Africa? Could come all the way from Siberia.

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Maybe it's not realistic but the idea is COOL

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El Barto
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Typical boring idea executed with a ridiculusly high budget.. But, hey, what works for Hollywood works for advertising too it seems.

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