Sky Movies: Star Wars vs Star Trek

Lightwriting in London by the Lichtfaktor crew. An amazing new technique achieved by setting the camera to long time exposure and writing with flash lights on the landscape.

Commissioned to promote Sky's Star Wars vs Star Trek season - showing all 6 star wars and 10 star trek films, in one weekend.

Rationale was to create something new, striking and original to two of the best known entertainment brands on the planet, whilst keeping true to their spirit. Lichtfaktor, who hail from Cologne, Germany, were found on myspace by Sky Movies, and approached directly.

Advertising Agency: Lichtfaktor
Released: August 2007


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Saeed Salem
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great job they have done...

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Sprint did ads like these.. 3 mos before the starwars / startrek commercial

Arnold Santillan

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I like it, but since when is this a new technique?

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"hey man, i saw this cool video on YouTube where people draw stuff with light pens. Let's steal that and make a commercial with it."

"Yeah! sounds good!"


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Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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well I dont know what to say, Its a beautifull art work, yes, but not an ad. You can't base your creative concept on a technique, even if you really really like it. Otherwise, is the kind of video that will make some viral noice on youtube. Any technique execution without a strong creative concept, will remain just as a nice piece to watch, but not advertising

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i am with 'jpdegamboa'.
form cant be more important than content.

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It's a neat effect. Horrible as an ad strategy in this context. You're talking about a network that has promotional rights to all of the Star Trek and Star Wars movies, as part of their licensing for broadcast deal they are given a certain leeway to use the material to promote the sked.

All of the amazing content they had licensed and to only use none of it and opt instead for the crap in the ad above? Someone should be fired.

The meeting for this one should have started with:

Q. "What appeals to Star Trek and Star Wars fans?"
A. "Duh. Star Trek and Star Wars."

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Daniel F

"An amazing new technique achieved by setting"

hahahahaah there are examples dating back to the 19th century of this!

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Exactly what I thought!!!

Everyone with a camera makes that kind of experiences at least once in a lifetime.

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Sky never used this!

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great stuff! but that technique is stolen from some asian guys. seen it about half a year ago on youtube. wouldn't mind if they hadn't called it "amazing new technique". Still theres a lot of work and love in this one

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licktfaktor are doing this for quite a time now and they kinda brought it to perfection. but i agree that it's not a new technique and it's bullshit to claim that

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Good Old Technique.. Thats all

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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Great work, great effort, brilliant execution. Indeed the message get's a bit lost in the movie but I don't care, I like it enough to watch it till the end and would even stop channel surfing if I saw tis popping on...

Miguel's picture

I liked a lot the video. However I agree, the spot has a strong use of the technique and the concept is somehow lost.
About the technique. It's been used in photographic camera shots since a long while.

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Sanity Impaired 1

?...New Technique.
What kid hasn't written their name in the night sky with a sparkler on the 4th of July? ...nothing "new" about it.

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Derek Mullings
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Didn't Gold Greenlees Trott do something similar for Falmer jeans in the mid-eighties?

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Ok, firstly this video wasn't a TV ad but a viral. It was only ever released online. It this respect it more than achieved it's aims and amassed millions of views and much blog discussion. Sky did use SW and ST material in the on-air ads.

I don't really understand the arguments about it not being a new idea. I think it's fine for them to say that. Banksy is a ground-breaking artist but no one discredits him because graffiti isn't a 'new' technique. It's more about the concept and bringing the ideas to a wider audience.

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