Skittles: Walrus

This bizarre story continues with the accused explaining that the walrus, an enormous animatronic custom built by Moorpark, California's Animal Makers Inc., had assured her that he wasn't her roommate's boyfriend Bobby. Rather, he was like new Skittles Riddles - different on the outside than on the inside. She demonstrates by punching in a green-tinted candy that tastes like fruit punch, before continuing her googley-eyed romp-fest with the walrus.

Executive Producer: Will St.Clair

Advertising Agency: DDB, Chicago, USA
ACD / Copywriter: Kevin Goff
ACD / Art Director: Blake Winfree
Assistant Producer: Jamie Gallant
Production Business Manager: Scott Terry
Production Company: Moxie Pictures
Director: Martin Granger
DOP: Barry Parrell
Producer: Heidi Soltesz
Editorial: The Whitehouse
Editor: John Smith
VFX Supervisor: Ryan Knowles
VFX Team: Mike Wynd, Ryan Knowles, Ben Persons, Ian Wilson, Fred Durand, Jim Hillin, Mark Holden, Elliott Brennan, Lisa Ryan, Ben Davidson, Jacob Toommen, Sathya Narayan
Production Producer: Nicole Fina
Telecine: MPC
Colorist: Mark Gethin

July 2012


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41128 pencils


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A computer algorithm could have written a better spot.

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Agreed. Massive fail.

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feels like a spot the family guy writers would come up with

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spears ava
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lol, its true

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