Skittles: Mentor

Pluck the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.

Advertising Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer
Group Creative Director: Norberto Zylberberg
Copywriter: Nick Garza
Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz
Prod. Co.: Boxer Films
Producer / EP: John Barreiro
Editor: Brian Gannon
Assistant Editor: Alfred Cisneros
Producer: Dawn Guzowski
EP: Dan Bryant
DOP: Ramsay Nickell
Art Director: Freya Bardell
Exec. Producer: John Clark
Exec. Producer: Beth George
Editorial: Whitehouse Post
Post FX: Filmworkers Club
Audio Post: GuN
Mixer: Nick Papaleo
Audio Post Coordinator: Brian Heath

March 2012


Mike Z.'s picture
Mike Z.
16 pencils

Wait, so, since Skittles dropeed TBWA, they just got a new agency to give them the exact same style? I mean, don;t get me wrong, Skittles ads have been some of my favorite examples of Oddvertising--I mean, they don't really need to inform us about their product, just keep their brand out there and relevant. But I used to want to believe it was the genius of the TBWA people, now I am wondering if it is just the marketing department at Skittles who have been behind their direction all along.

vote4pedro's picture
4601 pencils

new agency mimicking the old agency.

andylefty's picture
4535 pencils

I believe the awesomeness originates from TBWA.
This is brilliant:

andylefty's picture
4535 pencils

Not a huge fan of this one.

nickg's picture
3 pencils

LatinWorks did "Mentor." DDB did the other spots.

kleenex's picture
41128 pencils

not that great...

Temple's picture
11323 pencils

On the skittlemeter, this scores rather average.

mertos's picture
904 pencils

it didn't make me feel good plucking some eatable stuff out of hair....bad....its yuck....

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