Sharp Quattron 3D TV: The Spill

Advertising Agencies: mcgarrybowen, New York / Dentsu Kansai, Osaka, Japan
Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Andrew Conklin
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Jennifer Stocksmith
Senior Producer: Stacy Kay
Broadcast Business Manager: Barbara Silverstein
Chief Account Executive, Dentsu Kansai Toshikazu Adachi
Account Managing Director: Keita Ishikawa
Account Director: Russ Viault
Account Executive: AJ Boury
Production Company: Twist/New York & Minneapolis
Director: Chris Stocksmith
President/Executive Producer: Jim Geib
Executive Producer: Amyliz Pera
Coordinator: Brian Morris
Staff Reps: Kathryn Lotis, Rob Neill
Producer: Maureen Tunney
Editorial Company: General Editorial/Santa Monica
Editor: Noah Herzog
Executive Producer: Robert Parker
VFX & Post Company: MacGuff/Santa Monica, CA
International Executive Producer: Arnauld Boulard
VFX/Animation Supervisor: Simon Holden
Audio Post Company: Lime/Santa Monica, CA
Mixer: Sam Casas

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29870 pencils

Heard this took about 1,000 takes ;)


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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You tone of voice suggests you're obese. Am I right?

Love to punch you hard in the solar plexis.

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Then bring both hands down on your skull in a clubbing action.

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Nope. Wrapped early.

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310 pencils

The TV seems pretty hot, and George Takei is a very recognizable spokesperson with some significant comedic capability, but sadly, this spot doesn't tap into that talent at all. They don't even get him to issue his trademark, "Oh my". 1,000 takes or not, I'd say its an issue of the script.

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like the baseline, but lazy concept

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And what no better way to emphasize the collour yellow than with the help of the minion guys from Despicable Me :3 Cute, mischievous little guys, signing their names to star in the advert!


Guest's picture

And to think, the campaign started out so strong.

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