Sensoa: Question

Advertising Agency: Boondoggle, Leuven, Belgium
Creative Directors: Stef Selfslagh, Vincent Jansen
Creation: Vanessa Hendrickx, Alexander Cha'ban
Director: Frank the Fox

September 2008


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Just like the girl in the ad: cute, but essentially dumb.

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i like this a lot. there are many young people who know that they don't have substantial sexual knowledge, including how or where to look for answers. this silly situation makes the site accessible in that she IS a little dumb for holding the spunk in her mouth the whole time, and also because it is a website so they can get answers anytime with anonymity.

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dis is disgusting. Sorry.

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so she thought she could also get infected from spitting?

but seriously i agree with sneakyhands: it is a little dumb, but it is good work. not an easy brief with that target group and they made it as funny as it get's i guess.

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wow! works

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wow. she kept a mouth full of sperm all the way back home!

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Crisp One
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i know...shes a trooper

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Johan Nerman
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So stupid. She wants to swallow sooo hard, just has to check AAS first. Plus it's disgusting. I'd say this is about as bad as it gets, although I admit it's had to be a pretty tough brief.

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nothing beats altavista when it comes to advertising search engines.


funny, respectful, informative...

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Oh man, this is awesome!

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Why doesn't she spit it out at the first place, if she's not sure? Kind of silly. The girl in the bed is a way better, they should make tv out of that one!

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and a behind the scenes

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Aaaahh, man i love it. except 4 the gay guy

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Does anybody know the name of the song that's playing? I had no luck so far.

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It's a bit dumb, but their target audience is teenagers who are a bit dumb about sex. I think it has a good immature/naughty humour that would strike a chord and get them talking to their friends about the commercial. It's not brilliant but I think it will work.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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Swallowing wouldn't have increased her chances of getting STD since she already had the semen in her mouth which is enough to get infected. Even more - the acidic environment of the stomach is much more hostile to pathogenic microorganisms. Which means that if she had swallowed the semen right away, thus keeping the potential infectious agents less time in her mouth where they could have the chance of infecting her, she would have had less chances of contracting a disease. Therefore, while she's obviously dumb, the site has failed in explaining to her the mechanism of disease contraction. Meaning it's not much informative for it's target audience.
No matter swallowing or not, unprotected oral sex alone poses risk of contracting STDs. Thus the best way of protecting yourselves would be the old friend - the condom.

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