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that sucks!!!

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Hahahah thats cool.

The last scene with the rainbow and moving jeep wasnt necesary.

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Senhora Kolossa
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when will you people stop making commercials for lubricants?
no one out there is sticking his stiff into the lucky hole and putting your product on thin wang wang, because he saw it on tv.
this is scam just like when the cow comes home.

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Senhora Kolossa don't like lubs. That's nice!

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he. funny. but yea, the jeep scene could have been skipped.
and of course lube advertising can be effective, it's like any other product...

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That's both chucklesome and effective. Having said (written) that, I can't remember the brand. To be fair, I was watching with subtitles and maybe it's different in the native tongue.
Still worth the effort though.

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Crisp One
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damn.....i can never look at a jeep the same anymore

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Frits Harkema
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Ah...the big billion dollar lubricant account has landed in Brasil. Is it always funny when you portray male/male sexual innuendo? Or can it become boring? I wonder.....

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i am zero
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very clear on insight, and one of the major users of the product.


pashya is zero

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Great idea, very well produced. Result: good advertsing. Cheers!

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This was based on two brazilian gay soldiers who decided to come out of the closet on tv and ended up being arrested by the army...apeared on every single tv channel!

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koool idea ..hahahahahahahahahahaha

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that sucks!!!